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From consultation to turnkey project, our qualified team supports you during all the stages of your projects.

Consultation Consultation

CONSAB helps you plan your cleanroom projects. As these projects require meticulous attention and each customer has unequicoval needs. It is important to have all the relevant information before starting the construction of modification of your cleanroom.

CONSAB offers a consulting service that guides you right from the start of your projects, thus guiding your decision making.

Consulting services:

  • Preliminary draft
  • Feasibility study
  • Cost estimate
  • Review of existing installations
  • Contamination study
  • Recommendations report

Engineering Engineering

Thanks to the CONSAB TECHNIQUE team endowed with a wide-ranging experience in the field of cleanroom and specialized laboratory we can offer a top of the line service.

Engineering services offered:

  • Mechanical, electrical and chemical conception
  • Plans and specifications
  • Detailled analysis
  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Site supervision

A professional and structured design allows you to reduce your costs and deadlines while guaranteeing the quality of the finished product.

Construction Construction

RBQ: 5672-0444-01

Cleanrooms and specialized laboratories construction requires dedicated attention. CONSAB surrounds itself with trustworthy partners, suppliers and subcontractors to deliver the highest quality of installation.

CONSAB advocates a turnkey approach giving you peace of mind, cost savings and quick turnarounds. The turnkey approach includes the following activities:

  • Conception: feasibility study, engineering, plans and specifications
  • Installation: mechanical, electrical, architectural, structural, furniture and equipment
  • Project management and planning
  • Site supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Certification and qualification

Qualification Qualification

Qualification is an essential component of quality assurance and an integral part of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) validation methods. Qualification provides documented evidence with a high degree of assurance that the installed equipment and systems will produce the expected results in terms of quality, specification and accuracy.

CONSAB’s team validates your cleanroom installations and controlled environments for the writing, revision and execution of the following protocols:

  • DQ: Design Qualification
  • IQ: Installation Qualification
  • OQ: Operation Qualification
  • PQ: Performance Qualification

Certification Certification

CONSAB offers a certification service for cleanrooms, laboratories, biological fume hoods (A2, B2, etc.) and standard chemical fume hoods.

We offer a variety of tests and certifications according to your needs:

  • Non-viable particle counts in the following state; as built, at rest and operational according to ISO 14644
  • Viable particle counts (CFU – Colony-forming unit)
  • Biological and chemical hood
  • HEPA filter (leak or integrity test, airflow)
  • Differential pressure between rooms
  • Volumetric flow rate of HEPA filters (air changes per hour)
  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Airflow velocity
  • Sound pressure
  • Lighting level
  • Airflow smoke pattern test
  • Recovery test

Training Training

CONSAB invites you to discover and demystify what is a cleanroom. CONSAB will make you experience such an environment and will provide you with all the necessary explanations.

To protect the integrity of cleanrooms and prevent contamination of controlled environments and laboratories, it’s essential that the employees who work there (or who are in close or distant contact) have the appropriate traning. CONSAB offers this training specifically. Thus, with the acquisition of this basic knowledge, involved personnel will better manage this type of environment.

Content overview:

  • Presentation and history of the cleanroom
  • Use and operation
  • Basic operation principles
  • Recommended gowning
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Quality control
  • Technical aspects
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