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Cannabis Cultivation Facilities and Extraction Laboratories

With its network of professionals, subcontractors and suppliers, CONSAB offers turnkey projects for the design, construction and commissioning of your cannabis cultivation facilities and extraction laboratories.

Environments for growing, extracting or processing cannabis do not differ from controlled environments or cleanrooms. Indeed, the design methods as well as the good practices apply to the field of cannabis as to other fields requiring this kind of environment (pharmaceutical, aeronautical, medical, etc.). In this way, CONSAB guarantees a high-quality standard for all its projects.

Cannabis cultivation environments

The main functional parameters that CONSAB controls inside the different rooms dedicated to cannabis cultivation operations are:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air filtration
  • Lighting
  • CO2
  • Static pressure

During the cultivation cycles, these parameters are regulated to optimize plant growth. In addition, they also adjust during the day to accurately reproduce the natural habitat of plants (day/night phases).

CONSAB thus has the knowledge to support you in the design, construction and commissioning of the various rooms related to cannabis cultivation (mothers, clones, vegetation, flowering, cutting and drying) and this, regardless of the growth method chosen (soil, rockwool, hydroponic or aeroponic).

Cannabis extraction and processing laboratories

The environments in which extraction or processing operations take place are similar to that of specialized laboratories. CONSAB’s expertise in the design and construction of cannabis extraction and processing laboratories allows us to develop projects that meet all the current standards and best practices (storage of hazardous or chemical products, fire protection, GMP, Class 1 hazardous location, etc.). All according to the extraction or processing technique retained (ethanol, butane, propane, CO2, water, etc.).

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