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Negative pressure isolation enclosure

With its expertise in controlled environment, Consab is offering an efficient solution to protect healthcare workers who are exposed to the COVID-19. The negative pressure isolation enclosure lowers the risk of contamination for workers and environment surrounding a contagious patient. It allows to contain the propagation risk by maintaining a negative pressure and providing an HEPA filtration system that meet actual recommendations as proposed by the World Health Organisation and the Center for Disease Control and prevention.

The negative pressure isolation enclosure can be used, among others, for the following situations :

With a very quick installation time (± 2h with a team of 2), an exhaust HEPA filtration having an efficiency of 99,97% and an adjustable exhaust flow rate between 12 and 55 air changes per hours, the negative pressure isolation enclosure is the ideal solution to protect the healthcare workers. Many additional options are also available to fit different needs. For additional information, please refer to the brochure down below.

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