In order to protect the integrity of the cleanroom and prevent controlled environments contamination, it is essential that employees who work there (or are directly or indirectly in contact) have the appropriate training. CONSAB offers training to employees so they learn all about this type of work environment, meaning cleanrooms.

At CONSAB International, you are invited to discover what a cleanroom is ; we will let you experience the thrill of such an environment and provide all the necessary explanations.

N.B. : CONSAB International has a Emploi-Québec accreditation as a training organization under the Act to promote the development of training of manpower (Loi favorisant le développement de la formation de la main-d’œuvre) CERTIFICATE # 0051828

Typical content of training on cleanrooms :

  • History and presentation of a cleanroom
  • Use and operation of a cleanroom
  • Basic principles for operating a cleanroom
  • Required clothing
  • Maintenance of a cleanroom
  • Quality control
  • Technical aspects of cleanroom


This training is for management staff, department supervisors, engineering groups, group leaders, operators and maintenance personnel and housekeeping.
Training is available upon request.