Cleanroom USP 797

USP 797 / OPQ 2014.01 and 2014.02

Construction complies with the following different standards:
- College of Pharmacists of Quebec (OPQ)
(Pharmacy compounding of non-hazardous and hazardous drugs 2014.01 et 2014.02).
- USP 800: Hazardous Drugs - Handling in Healthcare Settings
- MSSS construction directory guides : Areas reserved for sterile preparations

Construction includes : Compounding cleanroom, ante-area, support area and reception, cleaning and unpacking room.

ISO 7 or ISO 8 classification depending on the room.

Furniture (pass-through, surgical sink for ante-area, hands-free intercom, etc.)

* Consab has served as a professional consultant to the OPQ to develop the new 2014.01 and 2014.02 standards (Préparation de produits stériles non dangereux et dangereux en pharmacie et normes 2014.01 et 2014.02, 1st Quarter 2014, p.2 ).