The construction of cleanrooms is custom made and requires very special attention. CONSAB offers construction services capable of achieving all types of projects. Having built hundreds of cleanrooms, CONSAB has a team building experience, the knowledge and expertise guarantee the best possible installation.
RBQ : 5672-0444-01

CONSAB offers several construction services:

Installation of cleanrooms: :
Installation according to your specific needs, plans and specifications.

Site supervision :
Supervision of construction personnel on site to ensure the system's quality and accuracy.

Project Management:
Construction management (coordination, planning, etc.).

Renovation / Modification:
Renovation or modification of existing cleanrooms.

Turnkey Project:
Consultation, draft, estimation, design, plans and specifications, planning, coordination, site supervision, construction, furniture, equipment, commissioning and certification. Let us handle the construction of A to Z. Turnkey projects provide peace of mind, timeliness, and cost savings.