About CONSAB International

CONSAB International is one of the sole companies in Quebec and Canada specializing in the design, construction and development of cleanrooms and controlled environments, as well as in selling materials and equipment required for modifying or improving cleanrooms. ISO 14644, FS 209 E, 797 USP, GMP, ASHRAE, IEST, NEBB standards have no secrets for our team. Having undertaken a variety of projects in all sectors of activity, CONSAB has the experience and expertise to complete all your cleanroom projects.

Our company, located in Bromont, is directed by Jean-Luc Breton, a design, construction and development of cleanrooms and controlled environments specialist (connected to all business sectors). With over 25 years of experience, Jean-Luc Breton has a recognized expertise in business diagnostics, studies of processes and staff training. His services and those of our business are frequently required to solve specific problems related to contamination control, both in Quebec and entire Canada.

Our approach.

Our approach is simple and proven : experimenting and testing our own systems in the most effective way to make sure to always meet your expectations as well as to be your one stop shop for all of your controlled environment needs.

As users of cleanrooms in the regular course of our work, we ourselves test all our products and services . We're the "first user" of what we sell, which gives us a clear advantage in terms of training in cleanrooms and unparalleled experience. We offer you over 30 years of field experience to assure you a recognized variety of services, quality products and numerous training programs expertise.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to innovate and find the best solutions for your business.